Dead White Males

Dead White Males

The Dead White Males are an underground rap group from the 413, Pittsfield, MA consisting of Frank Gore, Ra Boy, and Dislocated.

Group Members

Frank Gore
Ra Boy


Dead White Noise (2010)
Keep Your Mouth Shut Vol. 1 & 2 (2011)
Latest Hits (2012)
Cold Pizza (2013)
Nightcrawlers (2014)
Modern Life (2014)
Lady in Red: Bewarewolf (2014)
The Mudsnacker (2014)
Grey Areas (2014)
Males From the Crypt (2018)
The Love Shacker (2018)
Bloodshed (2018)
Suburban Legendz (w/ Deli Rhymes) (2018)
Mannequins (2018)

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