Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko

Hailing from the streets of Newark, NJ AKA Brick City. The Devil’s Bastard Donnie Darko is a true underground legend with 20 years of work put in. Donnie has been a mainstay of Sutter Kain’s Never So Do Deep Records for almost the entirety of his career.

While he does truly shine on his own, Donnie is also one half of the Underground group Black Sunday along with Sutter Kain and is one third of the group Pull the Fucking Trigger with both Sutter Kane and Apollo Valdez.


How to Rap (2004)
The Darko Effect (2005)
Black Sunday (w/ Black Sunday) (2005)
Art of the Devil (2006)
Devil May Cry (2007)
Hellz Kitchen II: Southside to Brick City Mixtape (w/ Sutter Kain) (2007)
The Art of Living Vol. 1 (2007)
The Art of Living Vol. 2 (2007)
As Death Takes Place (2010)
The Anxiety Theory (2010)
Emotional Disorder (w/ Sutter Kain) (2011)
Mask of the Demon (w/ Black Sunday) (2011)
Life Volume 1 (2012)
The Green Album (w/ Sutter Kain) (2012)
Redemption (2014)
Laugh Now Die Later (w/ Sutter Kain) (2015)
Until it’s My Time to Die (w/ Pull the Fucking Trigger) (2018)
After the World Got to Us (w/ Sutter Kain) (2020)
Before the World Got to Us (w/ Sutter Kain) (2020)
Another Day at the Office (w/ Sutter Kain) (2022)
Life Lessons (w/ Sutter Kain) (2022)
Imperial (2022)

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