Black Sunday

Black Sunday

Black Sunday is a collaboration by American rapper and producer Sutter Kain and his protege Donnie Darko (also known as Darko).


Black Sunday (2005)
Mask of the Demon (2011)

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    • While those albums are group efforts by both Kain and Darko, they are not officially under the “Black Sunday” group name. Because of this, they are actually only listed on Sutter Kain’s individual artist page.

  1. Call BS on the “not officially Black Sunday” thing. If you look on the tracks on the listed albums some of those appear on Donnie Darko’s Art of the Devil album and other early albums and some on Sutter Kane’s solo albums. Of Bless felt the need to place those on “Official” Black Sunday albums, then we can assume joint albums would be the same as group albums.

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