Don Orias

DON OЯIAS has been actively making music for around 16 years, however only since 2013 has the “DON OЯIAS” name been seen. His origins are unknown prior to his first release, “Road To Hell”, with SlaughterCore ENT (A label that was once home to KGP, Bloodshot, IllNickell, The Dissenter, Myles Malice, Con-Crete and MORE!)

He has recently teamed up with Shrunken Head Entertainment with a mission to demonstrate his depth and skill, dropping projects with touches of multiple genres.


City of Red (Vol. 1) (as D*Raine) (2008)
Dayz of Raine (as Damien Raine) (2014)
Road To Hell (2014)
Tha Omen Volume One (2015)
Wickyd Wayz: Collaborations (2015)
Music to Die To (w/ SickGang) (2016)
Nostalgia (Verses From Tha BoneYard) (w/ WhoDatPeez) (2017)
Mirrors (2017)
Agony (2018)
Parasomnia (2019)
Sovereign (2020)
Contamination (w/ SickGang) (2020)
Die to This Music (w/ SickGang) (2020)

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