A-r0n The Don

A-r0n the Don

A-r0n is a rapper from Hartford, Wisconsin who has been repping the Wicked Wisconsin movement for years.

He was also once a part of Butchered Beat Productionz where he worked on multiple group projects including The Gorehouse Greatz and The Hillside Stranglerz with fellow emcees Rukus, Cutthroat, and more.


The Dons Mixtape Vol. 1 (w/ The Dons) (2009)
Butcher Knife Blues The Shape (2009)
The Dons Mixtape Vol. 2 (w/ The Dons) (2010)
Ballads of Brutality & Blasphemy (2011)
A Very Wicked Christmas (2011)
When Hell’s Full (2012)
House of Gore (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2012)
Channel 666’s Friday Fright Night Video Block (2012)
Headz Up EP (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2012)
The Legend of Gorehouse (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2013)
Fist to the Face (w/ SGF) (2013)
The Lyrical Executioner (2013)

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