Dark Hills Gang

Dark Hills Gang

Dustin Carter (CRaZY tha CoBRA) brought on David Roberts (Joka33) as a producer and fellow band mate. Together as the “Dark Hills Gang,” they unleashed the albums “Blown Out Candle” (2003-04) and “The Broken Church” (2006) upon the horrorcore scene and were considered by many to be one of the most influential groups of the underground horror rap scene from 2004-2010. They are also credited for ex-band mate Lil Folk’s album, “My Life Begins…”

Dark Hills Gang made a re-debut in 2016 in Memphis, TN. They continue to work on several projects, mostly behind the scenes. They have kept everything gritty and raw like their beginnings but also work with various styles and genres.

Their music covers comedy, horror, occult, supernatural, extraterrestrial, taboo and other similar themes.

“CRaZY tha CoBRA” has worked on several collaborations within the horrorcore and Memphis underground rap scene.

“Joka33” Has been doing solo projects and working with other artists under the new moniker “David DBrain”.

List of past artists/group affiliations: Nic & Nuxx (Nic-A-Demus, Nuckles), Keepaz of the Krypt (One Man Kru, Kapital Z), KREE (Chris Craze), Lil Folk, 6roke 6oy SiX, Three G, and many more area artists.

“It represents a town of sin (Dark Hills), the gang that watches over it, and the river that flows in and around the town collecting the evil secrets and lies of all mankind (Bloody River)… just some deep shyt … deep enough to consume the hatred of all mankind ?”

Group Members

David dBrain/Joka33


Blown Out Candle (2004)
DHG Presents: Lil Folk – My Life -Begins (2005)
The Broken Church (2006)
Split Personalities (2017)
Table Scraps Vol. 1 – Blown Out Candle Era (2019)
Table Scraps Vol. 2 – The Broken Church Era (2019)
Split Personalities (2021)
Out of Ones Mind (2021)
Hilloween 2022 (2022)

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