Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan is an American rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has released albums under Esham’s Reel Life Productions imprint and also owns the independent hip hop label Kill All Idols Records, based out of San Francisco, CA.


Greatest Anti-Hits (2008)
Essential Rarities Volume 1 (2009)
Essential Rarities Volume 2 (2010)
Essential Rarities Volume 3 (2011)
Isbecomingastranger EP (2011)
The Stranger (2011)
American Paranoia (2013)
Notes from Underground: 10 Years in Hell (2014)
Essential Rarities 4 (2014)
UDC: Unda da County (2014)
Essential Rarities 5 (2014)
Jesus Cock (2014)
The Twilight of Daniel Jordan (2015)
Thedevilssoninlaw (2015)
Killed by Love (2016)
Killed by Love: The Remixes (2016)
What’s Old is New Again?!? (2017)
The Stranger: Deluxe Edition (2018)
Till Death Do Us Part (2020)
Dark Night of the Soul (2021)
WTF Happened To You? (Over the Last 10 Years) (2022)

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