Seed of 6ix

Seed of 6ix

Seed of 6ix (SO6IX) is a rap duo from Memphis, Tennessee consisting of Thomas Dunigan aka Locodunit and Ricky Dunigan, Jr. aka Lil Infamous. Locodunit and Lil Infamous are the nephews of DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, hence the name Seed of 6ix.

Group Members

Ant Dunit
Lil Infamous
Trigg Bambino


Planet 6ix Chpt 3.6 (2015)
Faces of Gospel (The Mixtape) (2015)
Seed of 6ix (2015)
Faces of Gospel (2015)
Tha Head Cuttaz (2015)
Chpt. 2 Instrumentals (2016)
Planet 6ix 2 (2016)
Smoke N’ Mirrors (2016)
6ix Million Ways 2 Die (w/ 6ix AF) (2016)
Seed of 6ix Chapter 2 (2016)
Break the Law (2016)
Murda Ain’t Crazy 2 (2017)
Lyrical Drive By (2017)
The Dunigans Mixtape (2017)
A Beginners Guide to Destruction (2018)
Perspective (2024)

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