CJ Sordide

CJ Sordide is a French emcee from the dirty corners of Paris (75018).

Passionate about music, he immersed himself in writing in 1999 and wrote his first rhymes by contributing to various projects (mixtapes, compilations, etc.).

In 2004, working on his writing, CJ let his dark side reveal itself, a part of himself hidden behind a clown mask. The decor is set, enter the world of CJ Sordide, between whores, drugs, vice and all the rottenness of this world.

Take a seat under the marquee, order your tickets and settle into the Sordide Circus.

Let the show begin… Gniak


Demos & Freestyles 2006-2007 (2007)
Demos & Freestyles 2008-2009 (2009)
Demos & Freestyles 2010-2011 (2012)
Demos & Freestyles Rare (2013)
Outsider (2015)
Crasseries Vocales EP (2016)
#Avantdemain (2016)
Vigilant Mixtape (2017)
Souviens-toi du Clown Mixtape (2017)
White Album (2020)
La Derniere Tape (w/ Lugubry) (2021)

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