Christopher Doehla (Born July 31, 1982), better known as C-Mob is an American rapper from Marion, Indiana. Jumping on the independent scene in 2005 with his first album, In the Midst of Madness, the underground legend has released 8 albums and worked with artists like Krizz Kaliko, Twisted Insane, Lil Witness, T Rock, and Brotha Lynch Hung.


In The Midst Of Madness (2005)
When The Heavens Rain (2007)
Hard Times & Hard Liquor (2009)
Extra Mags Vol. 1 (2010)
Extra Mags Vol. 2 (2011)
The Antidote (2012)
Loud Packs & Whiskey Flasks (2013)
Masterpiece Of Mind (2014)
The Devil In Dickies (2018)
Differently Dope (2019)
Lazarus Pit (2021)

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  1. I’m new to C-MOBB, and I’m only into his “Horrorcore” inventory of songs, but if the rest of his songs are just half as good as these ones, then I am expecting a solid week of C-MOBBIN.

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