Shawn Thomas, also known by his stage name C-Bo, is an American rapper.

C-Bo, notoriously known for his relationship with law enforcement, was one of the first rappers to be jailed due to his lyrical content, a scathing critique of political officials and police on his track “Deadly Game,” and unsuccessfully argued for appeal three times, while gaining nationwide attention for arguably his most successful mainstream album. He was arrested in California in 1998, under the suspicion that his violent rap lyrics violated his parole. He rapped his court statement to the presiding judge, in Ohio, who gave C-Bo probation on the condition that he also rap in a Public Service Announcement.


Gas Chamber (1993)
The Autopsy (1994)
Tales from the Crypt (1995)
The Best of C-Bo (1995)
One Life 2 Life (1997)
Til My Casket Drops (1998)
The Final Chapter (1999)
Enemy of the State (2000)
Blocc Movement (w/ Brotha Lynch Hung) (2001)
C-Bo’s Best Appearances ’91-’99 (2001)
Life of a Rider (2002)
Desert Eagle (2002)
West Coast Mafia (2002)
The Mobfather (2003)
West Side Ryders (2003)
Gang Affiliated (w/ West Coast Mafia Gang) (2004)
C-Bo’s Lost Sessions (2004)
In Thugz We Trust (w/ Thug Lordz) (2004)
Underground & Unreleased with West Coast Mafia Gang (2004)
West Coast Durty (w/ Lil’ Flip) (2004)
West Side Ryders II (2005)
Best of the Girth (2005)
Money to Burn (2006)
100 Racks in My Backpack (w/ San Quinn) (2006)
Thug Lordz Trilogy (w/ Thug Lordz) (2006)
The Greatest Hits (2006)
The Moment of Truth (w/ Killa Tay) (2006)
The Money to Burn Mixtape (2006)
West Side Ryders III (2007)
West Coast Classics (2007)
C-Bo’s Bulletproof (2007)
Tradin’ War Stories (w/ Omar “Big-O” Gooding) (2008)
West Side Ryders IV: World Wide Mob (2008)
Cashville Takeover (w/ Cashville Records) (2009)
Thug Money (w/ Thug Lordz) (2010)
West Coast Mafia Music (2010)
West Side Ryders V (2011)
Cali Connection (2012)
Orca (2012)
C-Bo Trilogy (2012)
I Am Gangsta Rap (2013)
OG Chronicles (2014)
The Mobfather II (2015)
The Problem (2017)
Mobfather: The John Gotti Pack (2018)
Animal (2019)

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