Morbid Clique

Morbid Clique

Morbid Clique Entertainment is an international underground hip-hop and horrorcore rap record label.

A large portion of Morbid Clique’s content is for entertainment purposes. We clown a lot so lighten up.

Group Members

Cameron Couch/Novelty Rapps
Charlie Lucky
Jim Jonez
Just x Slicce


Morbid Clique vs. Playboy the Beast (w/ Playboy the Beast) (2021)
Morbid Clique vs. Grewsum (w/ Grewsum) (2021)
The Doombot Punk (2021)
Morbid Clique vs. King Gordy (w/ King Gordy) (2022)
The M.C. Mixtape Volume 2 (2022)
Wickedonia (2022)
A.K.A. Bobby Slicce (2023)

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