SixNickSix, born Nick Gachowski, is a solo rap artist from Detroit, MI, blending sounds of Trap Metal, Deathcore, Dark Hip-Hop, Memphis Phonk, and Lo-Fi Boom Bap Rap.

He has performed with artists such as Esham, Dropout Kings , Ouija Macc, Gizmo, The Convalescence, Filth, Insane Poetry, Scum, Beastmode Warriors, Fleshbore, Razakel, and Rig Time. SixNickSix has also worked with artists such as Ryxx, Yvng Alvcard, Taylor Barber of Left to Suffer, Vokillz, PhiloZophy, Worm, Daniel Dahmer, Mdawwgbiodiesel, Forever Johnson, Greggy Westside, Donny B, Emada, and Sons of Solomon.


Tattered Ethos (2020)
911 Deluxe Edition (2021)
xXPAULXx (2021)
Real Facts (2021)
211 (2022)
Dope (2023)

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