Womack Da Omen

Womack Da Omen

Womack aka Womack Da Omen is a gangsta rapper from Memphis, TN. He’s a member of the legendary rap group Ten Wanted Men launched by Tommy Wright III and was also part of a short-lived group in the early 2000’s called Dirty Boy Wolf Pak. He’s also the brother of another Memphis rap legend, female rapper La’ Chat.


Wanted Dead or Alive (w/ Ten Wanted Men) (1995)
Book of da Dead (1996)
10 Toes Down (w/ Ten Wanted Men) (1997)
Die Hard N’ Dirty (w/ Dirty Boy Wolf Pak) (2003)
Stretch ‘Em Squad (w/ II Black) (2004)
Dark Hallwayz da Return (2017)
Darkhallwayz da Return 1.2 (2018)
MTL Mastermindz (w/ Dirt Jones) (2018)
On da Outside Comin’ Inn (w/ OG Jesse James) (2018)
Krull Skull da Beginning (2019)
Chapters of da Book of da Dead (2019)
City n da Smoke da Aftermath (w/ Dirt Jones) (2019)
Purge da Album (w/ Dirt Jones) (2019)
Brutha of da Sixx Faces of Def (w/ Dirt Jones) (2020)
Playground Never Sleep Again (2020)
Body Count (w/ Dirt Jones) (2020)
Dirtyhouse Trap Boys (w/ Dirt Jones) (2020)
Gangsta Tales from da Hood Loyalty & Betrayal (2020)
Up da Score (w/ Dirt Jones) (2021)
Welcome to Def da Dark Tapes (w/ Dirt Jones) (2021)
Book of the Dead (Re-issue) (2021)
Deal With da Devil (2021)
Pure Pressure (w/ Dirt Jones) (2021)

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