King JC

King JC

King JC, born Jeff Cage in 1976 in Phoenix, AZ, moved to Albuquerque at eleven. In 1993, he released his debut solo tape, the first rap record in New Mexico. By 1994, JC was in Memphis, recording his sixth album and later teaming up with DJ Trick for his eighth. This collaboration caught the attention of Cloud 9 Records, leading to a deal and a feature on “Down South Ballin Vol. 2.”

With newfound success, King JC launched “Playalistic Entertainment” and continued to release tapes. In 2003, his nationally distributed CD, “Ana Off My Chest,” dropped with Select-O-Hits’ support. JC also made his mark online with the popular website “,” conducting interviews with Memphis rappers.

Despite a career slowdown due to family responsibilities, JC remained influential. He featured on Chopper Girl’s “Zombies” in 2004 and garnered attention from Lil Wyte’s “Doubt Me Now.”


King of Flava (1993)
Part 2: Versatile (1994)
Part 3: True Dat ’95 (1995)
Part 4: Welcome 2 the Southwest (1995)
Part 5: Kingz of the Underground (1996)
Part 6: Straight From the Bottom (1996)
#7 The Next Episode (1997)
Part 1: Forever Ballin (w/ Lil J) (1997)
#8 KINGZ Day (1998)
#9 A New Beginning (1998)
Greatest Underground Hitz (1997 & 1998) (1999)
#10 The Lost Tapes (1999)
Timez-Up! (w/ Everlast-N-Drama) (1999)
#11 Summer Mix 99 (1999)
#12 1999 Fall Mix (1999)
#13 Ghetto Beats (1999)
#14 Spring Mix 2000 (2000)
Greatest Underground Hitz Vol. 3 (2000)
Vol. 15 Underground Terror (2000)
Die Hard N’ Dirty (w/ Dirty Boy Wolf Pak) (2003)
Anna Off My Chest (Album #16) (2003)
New Era Mixtape Vol. 1 (2004)
#17 My Curse (2005)

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