Troubled Mindz

Troubled Mindz

Troubled Mindz and Murder House Records were simultaneously created in the spring of 1999 by founding members Toxzik, Demonic, and Wicked K. All three had been working with music individually before then, but were all brought together when they met in high school. Once they realized they were all actively writing and creating music, they decided to come together and create their own group and label.

Once Murder House Records was formed in ’99, most songs recorded were handed out as singles around their hometown Lincoln Park, Michigan. One eight song E.P. was recorded, “Faces Of Evil,” and was also handed out for free around their hometown.

In 2004, the group finally released their first full-length album, “Evil Intentionz.” After the release, Demonic took on a solo career and Troubled Mindz became Toxzik and Wicked K.

Toxzik and K have been steadily releasing albums since then as Troubled Mindz, and also as part of other projects (Murder Mob and mixtape projects) as well as being featured on songs with various artists amongst the underground. The duo even reunited with Demonic in 2014 for the release of Evil Intentionz 2.

Troubled Mindz are still creating new music and releasing new albums under their label Murder House Records.

Group Members

Wicked K


Evil Intentionz (2004)
Blood Brothaz (2006)
Nightmarez (2006)
Thoughts of a Loonatik (2009)
The Massacre (2011)
Evil Intentionz 2 (w/ Demonic) (2014)
Blood, Sweat, and Fearz (2016)
I Need Therapy (2019)

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