Bad Mind

Bad Mind

Releasing his first solo album in 2001, BAD MiND has since become a force in the world of underground horror rap. A favorite among fans and other artists alike, as a top-tier producer of many underground songs and albums, as well as putting out releases of his own, some have donned him titles such as “The Mozart of The Underground” and “The Wickedshit Dr. Dre.”


Worship (2001)
Worship ( Edition) (2003)
D.O.A. (w/ East Ward) (2003)
Round 2 (w/ Filthy) (2006)
Mortality (2009)
All Hallows Evil EP (2013)
Land of the Lost (2014)
Land of the Lost II (2014)
Judgment (2015)
Mankind (2015)
Bad Mind Cassette (2017)
103118 (2018)
MMXVII (2018)
Mortem (2019)
Bad Mind VS J Reno the Sadist (w/ J Reno) (2019)
Bad Mind VS Labrynthine (w/ Labrynthine) (2019)
Bad Mind VS The J. Hexx Project (w/ The J. Hexx Project) (2019)
103119 (2019)
Book of the Dead, Chapter 1 (w/ Cerberus Clique) (2023)
Book of the Dead, Chapter 2 (w/ Cerberus Clique) (2023)

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