Wampthing, The


Disgusting reptile demon from DamneDNatioN.

I swim in the shitty swamp water and avoid hunters/fishermen, day in and day out. For a while, when the hook got me, I would manage to break free. The hooks were stuck in my head for a while. Years later, they found me and said “fuck it.” Shotgun to my neck and I was still tough to hold down. That’s when they slit my neck and pulled my tongue through. I’m still here though. Just more angry.



DamneDNatioN (w/ DamneDNatioN) (2002)
The f1rST suppeR (w/ DamneDNatioN) (2004)
The Domino-Effect Of Twenty-Twelve (w/ DamneDNatioN) (2012)
Lost Linguals – The Book of DamneDNatioN (w/ DamneDNatioN) (2015)
Illuminated (w/ DamneDNatioN) (2015)
Satan’s Hymen (w/ DamneDNatioN) (2018)
The Beginning of the End of Time!!!! (w/ DamneDNatioN) (2019)
The Wampthing Presents: Red Lactation (2020)
Malum In Domo (2021)

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