Spot Vega

Spot Vega

Paganistic occultist artist of the array. The Split Personality Over Time is a Kansas City, MO artist not only in music but art design and hand fabricated and custom masks. Started his career with infamous Sik Minded Musik and has scaled ranks and labels but has adapted to owning his own label and passed down a second from a long time fellow brother in the underground formerly known as Big Brutal. Once established Spot made it his goal to do all and be all when it comes to any line of his work and in his career. 17 and a half yrs ago this symbiotic lycan beast from the Eastside of Kansas City has been not only working with legends but making his own marks and lanes in anything and everything the mutant can get his paws on. Spot is not only owner and founder of A1Day1 Records but also is signed and a fellow CFO of Klinikly Dead Entertainment as well as a signed artist internationally through Occult93 and is scouting for his secondary label Troubled Mindset Entertainment.

This long run and gunner with art and lyrics has become so versatile he along the label Occult93 developed and pioneered a new genre of music and have declared it CraftCore, along with pioneering with other great and elite artists to pioneer in some sub genres in the underground and amongst the HORRORCORE community, two of which would be indeed IndustrialHorrorTrap and Horror Trap. Spot has worked with the likes of many and has way more in store for his following along with the entirety of the Underground community. What will the split personality over bring to the table next?


Split Personality (2019)
Mutant Rising (2019)
Mutagenic Error (2021)
Wendigo (2021)

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