Tha WiKiD onE

Tha Wikid One

Tha Wikid One is an emcee, photographer, designer, videographer, and actor from Arizona. He has been part of the horrorcore and underground scene for over 15 years, has acted in 14 films, three television shows, and two TV commercials.


Die 2 This (w/ The Devils Rejects) (2005)
Ugly is Free Vol. 1 (2007)
Uncovered Scars Pt. 1 (2007)
Chemical Threats Phase 1 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2007)
Chemical Threats Phase 2 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2007)
Mass Infection (w/ Mission:Infect) (2007)
XterM:Ination (w/ Mission:Infect) (2008)
Suicide Bombs (w/ Mission:Infect) (2008)
Annihiliation: The Mixtape (w/ Mission:Infect) (2009)
Asphyxiation (w/ Mission:Infect) (2009)
The Outbreak Mixtape (w/ Mission:Infect) (2009)
Cause & Infect (Mixtape) (2011)
Drastic Measures (The Disstape) (2014)
Ugly is Free Vol. 2 (2016)
Chemical Threats Phase 3 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
Chemical Threats Phase 4 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
Chemical Threats Phase X (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
arM:Igeddon (w/ Mission:Infect) (2024)

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