Tha Ghost

Tha Ghost

Tha Ghost was an emcee from Buffalo, NY. He released a number of solo projects, as well as group efforts with Sons of Satan and White Collar Crooks.


Kult Musick: The Onslaught (w/ Sons of Satan) (2008)
Sleeping Death (w/ Sons of Satan) (2008)
The Heretik EP (2010)
The Ressurrection (w/ Sons of Satan) (2010)
Amerika’s Most Hated (2011)
Amerika’s Most Hated (The Director’s Cut) (2011)
GMI: The Vault (w/ Godless Monsters Inc.) (2011)
White Collar Crooks (w/ White Collar Crooks) (2012)
GMI: 2013 Single (w/ Godless Monsters Inc.) (2013)

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