Tali Demon

Tali Demon

Tali Demon, later known as Lady Morgan, was an American singer and rapper from Alabama who made her debut with G-Dub… Tali Got High in 2004. She went on to join the supergroup called ‘Group Rehab’ which consisted of three other members — Guido, Smoke, and Fatrat. After issues with one another, the group broke up.

Three years later, Tali Demon signed to the Psychopathic Records sub-label Hatchet House, making her the first female artist to sign with The Hatchet. While signed, she found herself having artistic disagreements with the label, and a dispute with Psychopathic CEO Billy Bill, which lead to her release before her first contracted album.


G-Dub… Tali Got High (2004)
Nitez Into Dreamz (2005)
Astrologically Incorrect (2010)
Inspire Greatness (2014)

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