Mr. Gremlyn

Mr. Gremlyn

A heathen raised by wild animals and bikers in the wilderness of the Great Pacific Northwest.

Early in life he would run away and become a circus clown, only to return to the Pacific Northwest years later and decide punk rock was his path.

After years of attempting to make it in that genre, he discovered a love for morbid, dark, and offensive rhymes.

We give you the Clatsop County Creature, the king of the monsters.

He is
Mr. Gremlyn


Beach Life (w/ Evil Tribe) (2005)
The Clatsop County Creature (2010)
What Is SSB? (w/ What is SSB?) (2010)
10 Strands Lost Joints Volume 2 Compilation (w/ 10 Strands) (2014)
The Creepz Ruin Christmas (w/ The Halloween Creepz) (2021)
Old Skool American Horror Sampler (w/ The Halloween Creepz) (2022)
Lost And Forgotten: Six Song EP Of Scrapped Tracks And Collaborations (2024)
Evolve Or Die (TBA)

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