Skarey Kidz

Skarey Kidz

THE SKAREY KIDZ consist of artistz ODDBALL ANDREW aka ILL NYLIST probably the youngest most down horrorcore juggalo underground muzik supporter and GHOZTLY THE GOD OF SUFFERING (hiz bezt friend) They met online in comment sectionz of favorite horrorcore artistz and quickly learned they love all the same music. Turnz out they both lived in the same state a few hourz away! ILL NYLIST haz been making music behind the scene for yearz mastering his craft influenced strictly by horrorcore artistz. ILL NYLIST shared a song he made about suicide to GHOZTLY in 2019. GHOZTLY was in hiz local cemetery that night when he played the song THE TRACK WAS SO DOPE HE COULDN’T BELIEVE IT WAS ILL NYLIST! Instantly GHOZTLY became a HUGE fan supporter of ILL NYLIST Collecting singlez about school shootingz, mass Murderz, suicide, even HALLOWEEN and XMAZ singlez ILL NYLIST haz also been featured on trackz with CUTTHROAT THE CORONER and MR KILTCHA.

In 2020 ILL NYLIST came to GHOZTLYz to spend XMAZ. ILL NYLIST could spit XMAZ themed horrorcore barz to any beat! GHOZTLY couldn’t believe it and that night started writing and made hiz first album A GHOZTLY CHRIZTMAZ with a track featuring ILL NYLIST!! If it waznt for ILL NYLIST GHOZTLY would have never started making music. GHOZTLY continuez writing over the yearz creating hundredz of trackz including 420, HALLOWEEN, XMAZ, VALENTINEZ themed albumz and freestylez and trackz featuring ILL NYLIST. GHOZTLY released 3 unofficial albumz on youtube 1. EAT DEAD SHIT. 2. FUCK DEAD SHIT. 3. KILLYOURSELF BITCH. GHOZTLY drawz all the art for their releasez ILL NYLIST designz all the fontz and editing with his own graffiti styled art. October 2021 HALLOWEEN NIGHT iz the night ILL NYLIST and GHOZTLY became THE SKAREY KIDZ horrorcore group. THIZ IZ THE MOZT UNDERGROUND UNHEARD GROUP THERE IZ 2 OF THE BIGGEZT HORRORCORE FANZ N SUPPORTERZ MAKING MUZIK FOR NO ONE TO HEAR. ILL NYLIST haz a raw old school horrorcore sound with poetic lyricism and story telling

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