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Nekro G began writing and recording Hip-Hop music in 1998. At this time he started recording his first mixtape and performing at local Southern California shows with Darryl Bowman who rapped under “Dimesac D”, together they formed a rap group called “Sinister-X”. In early 2002 they started D&S Records and released a mixtape that was given away for free entitled “Buried Memories”. In June 2002 they met a kid Denis Sudar from Pomona who rapped under “Zero”, they all clicked and shortly after Zero had joined Sinister-X and the trio began working on an album together entitled “Brain Dead Killaz LP”. In February 2003, the group released “Buried Memories 2” of cuts that were not going on the main cd, it was also given away for free at shows. In June 2003 Sinister-X released “Brain Dead Killaz LP” and even went as far as to press a small quantity of physical cds professionally, however the day the album dropped all 3 members had inner conflict with each other and the group was disbanded and has never been reformed since. However in 2018 on Halloween Nekro G, Dimesac D and Ras Al Ghoul put out Track, Which was Followed up by another Track Featuring Nekro G, Dimesac D, Ras Al Goul, and DocWicked.

Group Members

Nekro G
Dimesac D


Buried Memories (2002)
Buried Memories 2 (2003)
Brain Dead Killaz LP (2003)

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