Nekro G

Nekro G

Nekro G has been making Hip Hop and Horrorcore since 1998.

In July 2003, Nekro G formed his own music label, Wikid Funk Records and began recording the first of 40+ mixtapes.

In early 2011, Nekro G signed to Grim Reality Entertainment; Since then G has released 5 Albums on GRE. Featuring Collaborations with Insane Poetry, Playboy the Beast, Dieabolik The Monster, Smallz One and More.

In 2012 Nekro G was named “Best Hip Hop Artist in IE of 2012” in I.E. Weekly.

In 2013, Nekro G was featured in an article in Horrorcore Magazine.

In 2013 “Grim Reality Entertainment’s Skull & Cross Mics” Compilation dropped in stores nationwide, under a distribution deal with Long Range and EOne/Koch.

In 2018 that Nekro G began Branching off and working as a studio artist and Ghostwriter, Since then he has been featured on numerous other CD’s & singles by various other artist.

In January 2019, Miniminter, Of the Youtube group Sidemen, Posted a video of Nekro G dissing the Sidemen in a Rap, the video has to date garnered over 4 Million Views. The song was also posted separately on Miniminters 2nd Channel “MM7Gaming” is now sitting at over 1 Million views.

In 2020, Nekro G Dissed Youtubers “AmandaTheJedi” and “Mister GG” on their respective channels.

In 2023, Nekro G remade a collaboration with “The Chalkeaters” which garnered over four million views on YouTube in just two weeks.

In October of 2023, Nekro G was part of the group “The Lost Boys” and their debut record “The Prophecy” was nominated for Best Horrorcore Album by the GRRRD Awards.


Buried Memories (w/ Sinister-X) (2002)
Buried Memories 2 (w/ Sinister-X) (2003)
Brain Dead Killaz LP (w/ Sinister-X) (2003)
Dark Prophecies LP (2005)
Rants and Ravings 1 (2005)
Psychotic Poetry LP (2006)
Rants and Ravings 2 (2007)
Open Mind Surgery LP (w/ IllLogical Madness) (2007)
Rants and Ravings 3 (2007)
Rants and Ravings 4 (2008)
Straight out The Pen LP (2008)
Rants and Ravings 5 (2008)
Satans Sick Symphony LP (w/ Satans Sick Symphony) (2008)
Jack Yo Shyt LP (w/ SWK Rydaz) (2009)
Rants and Ravings 6 (2009)
Final Chapter LP (2009)
Rants and Ravings 7 (2009)
Absurd Thoughtz LP (w/ IllLogical Madness) (2009)
Rants and Ravings 8 (2009)
The Gruntz LP (w/ The Gruntz) (2009)
Rants and Ravings 9 (2010)
Rants and Ravings 10 (2010)
Talkin Shyt LP (2010)
Solo’s & Sililoquys (w/ Satans Sick Symphony) (2010)
Fuck Yo Shyt LP (w/ SWK Rydaz) (2010)
New Revelationz LP (2010)
Rants and Ravings 11 (2010)
Street Soldier LP (2010)
Torn Scriptures LP (2011)
Rants and Ravings 12 (2011)
Riv Rydaz LP (w/ Riv Rydaz) (2011)
West Coast OG LP (2011)
Real, Raw, Rap EP (2011)
Reel Street Musik LP (2012)
Beyond Beast LP (2013)
Thought Crimes (2014)
Remixes & Collaborations (2017)
The Prophecy (w/ The Lost Boys) (2023)

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