Shade is an emcee from San Antonio, TX.

Throughout the course of history, there has been many who have been infected by the inhabitant known as SHADE. For centuries, SHADE has been feeding off of the souls of mankind, infecting their every sense of sanity until SHADE has gained full control of the human vessel. This is the story of the first of the inhabited to be able to become one with SHADE, and use his powers for good through the gift of HEKA.

In 2020, Shade left Deviant Horror Entertainment and started his own label, Heka, alongside his manager Caligreen2Fresh.


Grew Up in the Wicked Shit (2020)
FUCKRONAFEST Exclusive (2020)
Metamorphosis (2020)
Lover Boy (2021)
Violent Ed (Cover Mixtape) (2021)
Grew Up in the Wicked Shit (Deluxe Edition) (2021)
Love Less (2022)
Prolusion (2023)

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