Born in 1987, Sepsis has been playing guitar and doing vocals since the age of 13. Growing up listening to a diversity of music; classic rock, alternative, funk, r&b, rap, hip hop, heavy metal. He grew into expanding the diversities of music as time went on; death metal, black metal, horrorcore, grindcore, thrash, pop, techno, dance, dubstep, experimental. He picked up his first guitar learned 2-3 actual chords, but never learned how to read music and at that point was self taught and almost immediately began creating original sound. Becoming well-rounded on bass guitar, keyboard, and drums.

In 2002, he was able to begin his journey in the Metal Scene, and a year later in 2003 also began his journey in the Horrorcore Rap Scene helping co-create Sadiztik Productionz (a label which once had Smallz One, IllNickell, Razakel, and more signed). He’s been doing live performances, recordings in solo and group projects, and collaborations ever since. Past and Current groups including; Obscene S.K.S. (Smoke, Korpse, Sepsis), Eternal Sadizts (past members: IllNickell, Smallz One, Korpse, That Killa, Jake The Ripper, C3, & Dan OG), Murder Story (Korpse, Sepsis, That Killa), Sadiztik Mindz (Smoke, Korpse, Sepsis, Tine Loc, Lil Trece), S.K.R. All Stars (Serial Killin Records), Tortu-R-us (Dr. Gloom, Sepsis, Hardcore Chris, past member; Dan OG), and more…

In 2010, he re-branded The Real Sadiztik Productionz into Septicemia Records. Recruiting and signing artists such as Dr. Gloom and Genghis Khan. By then Eternal Sadizts was then re-created and added artists including; Jake The Ripper, C3, Loc On3, Joker Smurf, and later Dan OG, UpTown, & Baby Droopy . The success of Septicemia Records & Sep Promotions (w.k.a. Brilliant & Brutal Booking) began not too long thereafter. On the uprise in the underground of the Southwest United States, him and his label began opening for National & Semi-National acts. Appealing to many genre’s and crowds.

Later on 2016 and so on is when Sepsis would take himself, label mates, and other underground artists on 3 independent tours across the SW US. Continuing to thrive and work his way through every genre with his label mates by his side. In 2021 Sepsis won New Mexico Music Awards in the Rap Category with the song “2 in 1” from the album Top Shelf Life 2.

Continue to follow Sepsis & Septicemia Records on all social media platforms for updates on Upcoming Concerts, New Music, Merch, and much much more…


History In The Making Vol.1 (2005)
Unexplained Governmental Experimentations Of Unknown Radiated Waste Sites E.P. (2005)
Outdone Vol.1 (w/ Eternal Sadizts) (2005)
Outdone Vol. 2 (w/ Eternal Sadizts) (2006)
History In The Making Vol.2 (2007)
Behind The Mask Is A Disturbed Individual (2007)
I Sold My Soul L.P. (2010)
Abort The World L.P. (w/ Tortu-R-us) (2010)
Paranormal Source of Intelligence (2010)
Outdone Vol. 3 (w/ Eternal Sadizts) (2010)
4DAGLOBE (2010)
Mutilated Membrane E.P. (w/ Tortu-R-us) (2010)
History In The Making Vol.3 (2010)
Paranormal Source of Intelligence 2 (2011)
Circle Of Dead Children (w/ Tortu-R-us) (2011)
H.H. Holmes E.P. (2011)
Demonology E.P. (w/ Tortu-R-us) (2011)
4DAGLOBE2 (2012)
Get 2 Da Chopaaah! (w/ Genghis Khan) (2012)
The Feared L.P. (2012)
M.R.D.A. (Mad Rampage Damage Automaton) Bootleg E.P. (2012)
(…Return of) The Demonic Masochist L.P. (2012)
Skulloween E.P. (2012)
Da Red Pill E.P. (2013)
Paranormal Source of Intelligence 3 (2013)
American Psycho (2015)
iLLSkool (2016)
Merry Scary Mixtape E.P. (2016)
Outdone Vol. 4 (w/ Eternal Sadizts) (2017)
Empty Threats & Broken Promises (2018)
Splatter Fucked (2020)
Top Shelf Life (2021)
Top Shelf Life 2 (2021)
Descend in the Darkness, Transcend into Light L.P. (2022)
Killer Couples E.P. (w/ Cuckoos Nest) (2022)

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