Richard Gein

Richard Gein

Richard Gein is a rapper and producer from San Antonio, Texas and was part of the group The Vultures under the name Stealth Entity. He was also both members of the “imaginary” group The Irthwormz.


Irthwormz (as The Irthwormz) (2006)
From Parts Unknown (w/ The Vultures) (2007)
7 Rings of Saturn (w/ The Vultures) (2008)
Creatures of the Night (2008)
Zombie Vomit (2009)
Desert Eagles Vol. 1 (w/ The Vultures) (2010)
Killin’ Sluts (2010)
Darkside of the Goon (2010)
Badder than Bullets (2013)
Musick to Mutilate (2014)
I Swear to Drunk I’m Not God (2014)
Sludge & Death (2014)
Lucy in the Sky with Diarrhea (2014)
Raw Shit Deluxe (as Stealth Entity) (2017)
The Best of Richard Gein (2017)
Zombie Vomit 2 (2017)
Too Ghoul 4 Skool (2017)
Satan’s Playlist (2018)

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