MC Bushpig

MC Bushpig

Swift Treweeke was born November 20th, 1979 in Katoomba NSW Australia.

He is an Australian producer of Electronic music, Grindcore, and Brutal Horrorcore. He is also a visual artist whom has painted/created many, if not all, of the album covers for his releases, and is one of the owners of Shitwank Records and Butchers Harem Productions.


Genital Warfare (w/ Suicidal Rap Orgy) (2003)
Tape 1 (w/ Mule) (2003)
Wank Of Death (2007)
Snuff Porn Gore (w/ Butcher’s Harem) (2011)
Erotic Stories Written In Blood (w/ Butchers Harem) (2017)
Erotic Instrumentals (w/ Butchers Harem) (2017)
Fist Fuck Corpse (2017)
The Art Of Gore (2018)
Vomit War Chronicles (2021)

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