Pook E Wickit

Pook E Wickit

Aaron Micheal Breneman, or Pook E Wickit as he’s known, grew up in Jamestown, NY, and now resides in Ravenna, MI, where he runs the independent label “609 King’s Way” named after a Vampire Haven in a game he loves.

Pook E has released seven EPs to date and several works producing music for his own show on YouTube and DJ Sets on the web. His music focuses on classical horror and deranged cartoons, utilizing a style he calls “Pyratecore”.

Inspiration has come from the likes of ICP, Jhonen Vasquez, Vivienne Medrano, and several classic cartoon writers. Pook E’s Social media reflects his interests as he tends to post more material from his fellow artists than his own. Pook E’s greatest influences are Billie Eilish and the Diety Nyarlathotep in which he claims is responsible for his mental illness (Intermittent Explosive Disorder).


Revival EP (2021)
Pook E EP (2021)
Wickit City EP (2021)
Lightning Storm in Space EP (2022)
Rum and Blood EP (2022)
Sea of Old EP (2022)
Morté EP (2023)

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