Hoodie Hilltop

Hilltop Hoodie

Hoodie Hilltop (formerly known as Hoodie), real name Kazimir Webb, was born May 15th, 1995 in San Diego, CA. They are also notable in Las Vegas, NV and currently reside in Denver, CO.

Hoodie Hilltop is known for their hardcore backpack rap style with witty lyricism and scathing rhythm and flows, horror movie imagery, and Satanic themes.

They are the owner of Gardenback Records and a brand ambassador for FANGORIA magazine.

Hoodie has performed with ICP, Tech N9ne, R.A. The Rugged Man, Twisted Insane, Donnie Menace, The Graveyards Grim, and more.


The Stuff (as Hoodie) (2018)
The Stuff 2 (as Hoodie) (2018)
#Turbografx15 (as Hoodie) (2019)
Junk: Music For Raccoons (as Hoodie) (2019)
Satan Is King (as Hoodie) (2020)
Cold Pizza: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (as Hoodie) (2021)
How To Be A Serial Killer (as Hoodie) (2021)
5PC Spicy W/ A Biscuit + Lemonade (2022)
…EPUNKERA_V2 (2023)
…EPUNKERA_V3 (2023)
…EPUNKERA_V5 (2023)
CAMP CUNT! (2023)
The New Bible (2023)

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