Poltergeist OD

Poltergeist OD

Poltergeist OD (in reference to the Cult Classic film Poltergeist – 1982 with OD in reference to his group Obscene Division) is a Canadian recording artist who focuses lyrical content specifically on Horror movies.
His music is best described as “Hip-Hop for Horror Freaks”.

Poltergeist was approached by a fan to write a song about Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise for a fan-made Documentary (scheduled to be released on October 31st, 2018) that fell though due to legal issues with the filmmakers. He decided to release the song as a Single (on May 1st, 2019) called Michael which received positive feedback from fans at the time and so he began slowly making the switch from general Horrorcore Rapper to specifically writing from the perspectives of other movie villains.

He has since released songs from the viewpoint of The Tall Man from Phantasm, the aliens from Mars Attacks!, Norman Bates from Psycho, Gremlins, Pumpkinhead, Chucky from Child’s Play, Ghostface from Scream, Angela Baker from Sleepaway Camp and more.


Keep It PG (2015)
PSR B1257+12 B (2024)
Unreality (2024)
Regenerate (w/ Obscene Division) (2024)

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