Demonik Exorcist

Demonik Exorcist

Demonik Exorcist is an emcee and artist who combines multiple genres including horrorcore, death metal, boom bap, trap metal, hiphop, and deathcore. He also mixes, masters, and produces.


Satanz Storybook (2021)
Life is Not for Everybody (2022)
The Kaiju Core Sessionz Volume 1 (2022)
Mutilationz in tha Mutationz (2022)
I Eat Your Skin (2022)
Amber Heard That Johnny is a Bitch (2022)
Shadows Fall (2022)
Sunday (2022)
Raped by the Bored Apes (2022)
Punishment (2022)
Gospel Gore EP (2023)
Pray for Death (2023)
Forever (2023)
Enemy Mind (2024)

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