Omega Sin

Omega Sin

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Omega Sin has been making a boom in the underground rap scene. His fusion of dope boy trap with horrorcore makes for a very unique and fresh sound. Omega Sin proclaims himself as the “Trap Devil” and is the pioneer of the Murder Trap genre. Omega Sin has collabed with many other horrorcore artists such as Twisted Insane, Lil Wyte, K-Fix, Razakel, Don Orias, and many more.


Adrenaline Music (as Owe Mega Sin) (2008)
Your Rents Due (w/ The Collectors) (2014)
Dope Boy Diaries Vol. 1 (2015)
Put It On the Scale (2016)
Tales from the Underground (2017)
Hood Fiction (w/ The Boondock Sinners) (2019)
The Feast Vol. 1 (as DJ Murder Trap) (2020)
Still Eating (as DJ Murder Trap) (2020)
Good Family Fun (2021)

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