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Tales from the Underground

by Omega Sin

Tales from the Underground

2017 1 Hour, 19 Minutes

Money Making Music

  1. Narcotics
  2. Big Bad Wolf (feat. Fo Rilo and Razakel)
  3. We're Gunna Get You
  4. Bloody Murder (feat. Squidly Cole)
  5. Touchdown (feat. Fred Nice, Twisted Insane, and AK of Do or Die)
  6. Criminal
  7. Running Back (feat. Tone Jonez)
  8. STFU (feat. Project Pat)
  9. Might as Well (feat. Fade Dogg)
  10. Drug Dealing Psycho (feat. Insane Loc)
  11. Pablo Escobar (feat. K-Fix and D-Spillz)
  12. Shooting for the Head (feat. Lokey)
  13. Beautiful (feat. Tone Jonez)
  14. Sick Thoughts (feat. Dikulz, Twisted Insane, and King Iso)
  15. I'm the Shit (feat. T-Rock and Kamikazi)
  16. Lonely
  17. In a World so Crazy (feat. K-Fix and Taebo)
  18. O.D.B