Necro Lordz

Necro Lordz

This one is pretty obscure. Speculated to be from somewhere in Detroit, MI. Their only known release is “The Awikining”, a 10-track album on cassette which is not well-documented and historically preserved, being that the only scans of this tape that were ever archived on the web are the cover art and what appears to be the side of the tapebox that the cassette was stored in. Info provided on Discogs does not guarantee whether this tape actually has two sides or just one. The release date of this album is also a mystery but it’s theorized to be sometime in the 90’s.

This album is a hidden gem! Possible member names are Scarecrow and Black Magic, not knowing how their names appear because, again, the patron who submitted web scans of this cassette forgot to provide pictures for all facets of the tapebox and it’s inner contents.

Seriously underrated, pretty grand quality for a 90’s cassette.


The Awakining

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