Ghosts of Detroit Underground

hosts Of Detroit Underground

The Ghosts Of Detroit Underground is Idzilleagle, he is the creator/artist. He started creating music in 2018 under a different band name, “United Children of Creation”. He released a free album called Mega Lazarus, exposing the entire legal systemic fraud that’s been unleashed upon all of humanity.
Before making music, idzilleagle made cover art for a vast array of underground artist, starting with making art for Esham fresh out of college.

In 2019, Idzilleagle started releasing music under the name, Ghosts Of Detroit Underground.
He releases music independently as well as releasing on Teddy Bass’s record label, Adhoksaja Records.

Idzilleagle does all of his own art and graphics, he also is learning the art of making beats, he writes/records his own vocals for his songs, he edits/mixes his own songs.
(However, there are studio albums and singles as well)

The Ghosts Of Detroit Underground is much more than a group despite only having one member.

Just about everything that’s put out by idzilleagle has multi layered meanings and symbolism encoded within the art/music itself.


Mega Lazarus (as United Children of Creation) (2018)
Red Alert (w/ ShockTrostic) (2020)
Platinum Retina EP (2020)
Sedition EP (2020)
Rebel Zone EP (w/ The 3 Mutineers) (2020)
Interruption LP (w/ KillazDontTalk) (2021)
SinAesthetix EP (2021)
87 BPM EP (2021)
Serpent Crusher EP (2021)
Distribution By Proxy EP (2021)
Mystical Zone EP (w/ The 3 Mutineers) (2021)
Extinction Zone EP (w/ The 3 Mutineers) (2021)
Power Zone EP (w/ The 3 Mutineers) (2021)
Freeze Peach EP (2022)
Four Corners EP (Collab) (2022)
Thema Mundi EP (w/ Teddy Bass) (2023)
Thema Mundi EP (Original) (2023)
The Salts (Mini EP) (2023)

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