Phantom Eyce

Mystic Cyric

Phantom Eyce is an underground horrocore rapper, producer, and graphic cover designer from Hampton, Virginia, who is best known for dark pop horror rap songs. He has released various free EPs and Mixtapes and is formerly known as Mysta Cyric and Cloud Nineteen.


Live From Hell: EP Part 1 (2019)
Live From Hell: EP Part 2 757 Hell (2019)
Live From Hell: EP Part 3 Hell’s Wall’s (2019)
The Demo Tape (2019)
Freestyle Tape Vol. 1 EP (2019)
Fuck It EP (2019)
Freestyle Tape Vol. 2 EP (2019)
RELLIK (Hosted by Evil Empire) (2019)
God’s Child EP (2019)
I Miss You Like Krayzie (Hosted by Empire Mixtapes) (2019)
4 Da Radio (2019)
Maturity: The Mixtape (2019)
Live From Hell: The Mixtape (2019)
No Freedom Of Speech (2019)
808 Mafia (2019)
Rockstar: The Mixtape (Friday 13th Edition) (2019)
Life Without You EP (2020)
I’ma Changed Man (2020)

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