Mr. Morbid & Melph

Mr. Morbid & Melph

Out of the Netherlands, Mr. Morbid & Melph is a rap duo consisting of rapper Mr. Morbid and beatmaker/producer Melph. Inspired by both hip-hop and heavy metal, the two have been making music since the mid 90’s. They’re known for their profound macabre lyrics and grimey melodic beats.

Since the release of their debut EP ‘Release The Demons’ in 2011, the duo has done many live shows both domestic and abroad. Also several video clips were shot; ‘My Type Of Shit’ in 2012 and ‘It’s Like Clockwork’ in 2014.

Early 2014 Mr. Morbid & Melph released their album ‘Close To The End’. The album was well received by the worldwide underground hip-hop fans. With an arsenal of live tracks and lots of inspiration for making new music in the future, this hardcore hip hop duo is determined to keep the raw movement within hip hop alive!

Group Members

Mr. Morbid


Release the Demons (2011)
Close to the End (2014)
Unreleased Demons (2016)
The Power of Hatred (2019)

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