Morgarth emerges from the depths of the underground hip-hop scene as a newly found master of horrorcore production. Inspired by the eerie feel of the late
90s-00s horrorcore scene, Morgarth fuses the raw energy of hip-hop with chilling atmospheres, crafting sonic tapestries that plunge listeners into the darkest corners of their minds.

Collaborating frequently with Cocaine Krueger and other members of 6 Feet Deep Records, Morgarth’s music serves as a beacon for those who revel in the macabre. His debut EP, “Nothing Left to Fear,” is a testament to his ability to conjure spine-tingling melodies and bone-chilling beats, solidifying his place as a guiding light in the realm of horrorcore.

Currently, there is no information at all regarding the person behind Morgarth. His identity, location etc. is a mystery.


Nothing Left to Fear (2024)

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