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LP Ripsaw

1999, Junior embarked on a transformative journey into the heart of the 406 underground rap scene. Alongside his childhood friend RedRum, they forged a formidable alliance, birthing the rap group known as S.K.S, short for Serial Killer sychopath. Armed with little more than their raw talent and DIY ethos, they unleashed their music onto the world, recording mixtapes onto homemade disks in the back of RedRum’s mobile studio on the south side of Billings.

As the years unfolded, S.K.S carved their mark on the underground circuit. Meanwhile, Junior blazed his own trail, dropping his solo project “Heaven’s Demon” in 2007. The following year brought forth “Terror x Ten,” a testament to S.K.S’s unyielding presence in the rap landscape.

In 2009, Junior’s solo career soared to new heights as he signed with Street Sweeper Records, propelled by the success of “Terror x Ten.” However, the allure of solo artistry beckoned, and by November of that same year, Ripsaw sought his release to pursue his own endeavors.

Amidst a whirlwind of performances and production work, 2010 heralded the release of “Shadows in the Night,” a haunting testament to Ripsaw’s relentless dedication to his craft. Despite his burgeoning solo career, Junior remained deeply entrenched in the underground scene, collaborating with fellow artists and dropping singles that resonated with audiences far and wide.

Yet, the siren call of the streets beckoned, leading Junior to wander through the neon-lit alleys of Las Vegas and beyond, until his path was momentarily diverted by the harsh realities of life. However, true to his nature, Junior emerged from the shadows in 2021 with the release of “Left for Dead,” a mixtape EP that marked his triumphant return to the forefront of the underground.


Unleashed Mixtape (2006)
Heavens Demon (2007)
Filthy Mob Compilation (2008)
Terror x Ten (w/ S.K.S) (2009)
Shadows in the Night LP (2010)
Homicidal Mindz Compilation (2011)
Left for Dead (2021)
Stray Cuts From the Crypt – The Ripsaw Hit (2024)
Grim-Realities (TBA)

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  1. Junior Stray is one of the most sleeped on Horror-core Artist coming from Billings,MT.No matter if you know him by Rage Ripsaw,LS Ripsaw, Junior Stray or as a member of S.K.S, Junior Stray ha always kept it real with a grim & dark horror twist. Rawest ad they come

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