MC Cockslap

MC Cockslap

MC Cockslap was an artist from Brazil. He made speedcore, electronic or noise under many aliases such as Fucked In Shit, WhoreCumBlast, Assfixiophylia or Kubanakan and brutal horrorcore under the MC Cockslap name.


Festa Da Contaminação (2006)
#1 (as Kubanakan) (2007)
#2 (as Kubanakan) (2007)
#3 (as Kubanakan) (2007)
Sangue Contaminado e Misturado Com Dejetos Anais (as Fucked In Shit) (2009)
Sexo Gostoso Com Merda (as Fucked In Shit) (2009)
Coleções De Torturas (as Assfixiophylia) (2009)
Mundo Feliz De Pus (as Fucked In Shit) (2011)
Registros De Merda Komppilatiom #1 (2011)
Registros De Merda Komppilatiom #2 (2011)
#1 (as WhoreCumBlast) (2011)

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