Gary Reed (born December 28, 1972), also known as Mastamind, is an American rapper from Detroit. A founding member of Natas, he was formerly signed with Reel Life Productions before forming his own label, Toxsic Records.

While attending Osborne High School, Mastamind passed a three-song demo to fellow student, Esham, who had released the album Boomin’ Words from Hell and multiple EPs on his Reel Life Productions label. Esham liked the demo, and decided to form a group with Mastamind and a friend, T-N-T. The trio named the group Natas, an acronym for “Nation Ahead of Time And Space”.


Life After Death (w/ Natas) (1992)
Blaz4me (w/ Natas) (1994)
Doubelievengod (w/ Natas) (1995)
Lickkuiddrano (1995)
Multikillionaire: The Devil’s Contract (w/ Natas) (1997)
WicketWorldWide.COM (w/ Natas) (1999)
Themindzi (2000)
Godlike (w/ Natas) (2002)
Street Valu (2003)
Hellrazer (2006)
N of tha World (w/ Natas) (2006)
Toxsic Avenger (2009)
The Vatican (w/ Natas) (2009)
Khemicalspill (2010)
Last+emptationOfChris+ (2010)
Mastercard (Mixtape) (2010)
Mortifikation Vol. 1 (w/ Rokgod) (2010)
Mortifikation Vol. 2 (w/ Rokgod) (2010)
Ntoxsication (2011)
The Orthus EP (w/ Skitzo) (2011)
The Orthus LP (w/ Skitzo) (2012)
The Mastapiece (2012)
Doublehead Everythang (w/ Skitzo) (2013)
The Ultimate Price (2013)
TheCollectionPlate (2013)
Lickkuiddrano (Re-Issue) (2013)
FUQERRBDY (w/ Natas) (2014)
Devil Eyed Dog (w/ Skitzo) (2014)
The Ultimate Price (2015)
Uranium (2016)
House of Frankenstein (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2017)
House of Frankenstein (Deluxe Edition) (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2018)
Black Sunrise EP (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2018)
Live From Hell (w/ Mr. Boxxxcutta) (2018)
Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz (2019)
Highway to Hell (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2019)
Hell’z Kitchin (2020)
Hell’z Kitchin Bonus Crack EP (2020)
Dark Knights (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2020)
The Ultimate Warrior (2021)
The Themes (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2021)
Tales from the Tiki Lounge (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2021)
Powerhouse (w/ House of Frankenstein) (2022)

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