Marz, born Zlatko Hukic, is a Croatian rapper based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He spent several years with the band Ministry before forming his own rap-metal band, also called Marz. After touring with Insane Clown Posse and contributing to the supergroup Dark Lotus, he set up his own record label, Billion Dollar Ballers.

Marz has since found Jesus and has released a full-length Christian Rap LP in 2012 available on iTunes called Revelation, also going by the name John Brown.

Group Members

Zlatko Hukic
Lous Svitek – Guitar
Rey Washam – Drums
Troy Gourley – Bass
Pat De La Garza – Guitar
Robert Hill – Keyboards


Lung Fu Mo She (2000)
Tales From the Lotus Pod (w/ Dark Lotus) (2001)
Gorilla Pimpin (2003)
TGZ Nation The Mixtape (2004)
Against All Odds (2005)
Marz Presents: Grind Music the Movement (2008)
99 Riches (w/ Block CEOs) (2009)
Candy Days (w/ Billion Dollar Ballers) (2010)
Revelations (as John MARZ Brown) (2012)
Us Against the World EP (w/ Witchman) (2013)
Wake the Dead (2017)
Thrive (2017)
Rebel Music (2017)

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