Kryptik was an emcee from Waterbury, CT. He was the founder and owner of F.T.I. Records, a label in which he released multiple solo projects, collaboration compilations, mixtapes, and a demo with his live band, DV8.

Emerged on the underground rap scene in early 2006, Kryptik was influenced by the likes of Esham, ICP, Twiztid, the Wu-tang Clan, and Cypress Hill. He created a style all his own, which he dubbed East Koast MurdaRap. Kryptiks music was filled with pain, anger, violence, and sick humor, with shocking lyrics presented in an intelligent manner.


East Koast MurdaRap (Demo) (2006)
Venom Volume One The Mixtape (2008)
Venom Volume 2 The Mixtape (2008)
DeKrypted Vol. 1 (2009)
Venom Volume 3 The Mixtape (2010)
DeKrypted Vol. 2 (2010)
Mosh Pit Hip Hop (w/ DV8) (2010)

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  1. How stupid for a man to come out and use the same name as one of the most well-known horrorcore acts years later. What a dumbass.

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