Kreepy X

Kreepy X

Kreepy X started rapping in 1993 under the moniker Da Riddler. He and Raven Hunter (then known as Da Smoka) continued to make tapes under different monikers throughout the years, eventually landing on Kreepy X and Raven Hunter. Kreepy and Raven started Evil Side Records, Brane Dead Records, Kamp Blood Records, and Young Playa $quad Productions, while also enjoying success on Cutthroat Productions, Butchered Beats Productions, 3rd Shift Entertainment, and 5th Power Entertainment, along the way.


Itz Da Riddler (as Da Riddler) (1993)
Wicked & Tha Evil Side Gz (as Wicked) (1995)
Night of the Living Dead EP (as Wicked) (1997)
The Shocker (as Wicked) (1997)
Burnt (as Dead King) (1997)
Demonoid Vampire EP (as Dead King) (1998)
Ta Hell-N-Bakk EP (as Dead King) (1998)
Midnyte Rape EP (as Mista Kreepy) (1999)
Nytemarez (as Mista Kreepy) (2000)
Lost & Found (as Mista Kreepy) (2001)
Nytemarez Revisited (2002)
Resident Evil (2003)
Tha Dead Zone (2003)
Stigmata (The Messenger Must Be Silenced) (2003)
Darkness Falls (2004)
Tha X Filez – Kase # 0001 (2004)
Killing Myself (2004)
Blast from the Past (as DJ Jizam) (2004)
Tha Funky One (as DJ Jizam) (2004)
Real Killah EP (as Hydro) (2004)
Reflectionz (w/ Kamp Blood) (2004)
The Pilot EP (2005)
Horrorcore’s Heroes (w/ Among The Dead) (2005)
Area 51 (2005)
The Origin of X (2005)
The Forgotten (as Hydro) (2006)
Lost & Found Vol. 1 (2006)
The Left Overs (Rare & Unreleased) (2006)
Welcome to the Show (2006)
Whispers from the Grave (2006)
The Prequel (2007)
Lost & Found Vol. 2 (2009)
Ressurrection (w/ Kamp Blood) (2009)
Twisted Tales (w/ Kamp Blood) (2012)
Kamp 4 Tha Mentally Insane EP (w/ Kamp Blood) (2019)
Kabin By Tha Lake (w/ Kamp Blood) (2020)
Bazkit Case (2020)

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