Killa C

Killa C

Killa C, born Coul Hill, is a rapper from Billings, MT.  He was one half of the group Grave Plott, which once had a distribution deal with Strange Music.

After being a mainstay in the horrorcore scene for 15 years, Hill released a Christian rap album in 2016.


Dirty Thug Slug (2001)
Rivaz Ov Blood (2001)
Murdaeyez (2002)
Old Skewl Killa (2005)
Puttin U In (w/ Grave Plott) (2005)
Tainted Flesh (2005)
The Plott Thickens (w/ Grave Plott) (2008)
Bound in Chains (Thy Book Ov Time) (2009)
War Stories (Thy Book Ov Struggles) (2011)
Coul Hill (2016)
Lost & Found (2021)
Rivaz Ov Blood: Still Flowin’ (2021)

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