Ganxsta N.I.P.

Ganxsta NIP

Ganxsta NIP (formerly Ganksta N-I-P) is a rapper from South Park, Houston, Texas and a member of the South Park Coalition, which he co-founded in 1987 with Houston rapper K-Rino. In 1992, he released his debut album South Park Psycho. This record also helped put the South Park Coalition name on the map due to world wide distribution from Rap-a-Lot. He also wrote the Geto Boys hit “Chuckie.” NIP stands for “Nation of Islam is Powerful.” Williams is also looked at as one of the creators of the horrorcore rap genre.

Ganxsta N.I.P.’s first album The South Park Psycho was released in 1992. It had no single to promote the album and it charted at #63 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It sold almost 100,000 copies in the area and landed him a deal with Priority Records. His second solo album charted on Billboard chart at #151 and on #30 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #5 on the Top Heatseekers. His style of rap was hardcore gangsta rap with gory lyrical content, which is called horrorcore.

N.I.P. also made a comeback album Still Psycho, 5 years after his last album in 2003. Ganxsta N-I-P’s most recent album, Psych’ Swag: Da Horror Movie, consists of 14 songs and was released on the artist’s own record label Psych Ward Entertainment.


The South Park Psycho (1992)
Psychic Thoughts (Are What I Conceive?) (1993)
Psychotic Genius (1996)
Interview with a Killa (1998)
Psycho Thug (1999)
Originator (Of the Psycho Sound) (2000)
The Return!!! (Of the Psychopath) (2003)
Packin’ Heat (w/ South Park Coalition) (2003)
Family Bizness (w/ South Park Coalition) (2004)
Personal Vendetta (w/ South Park Coalition) (2006)
Still Psycho (2008)
Psych’ Swag: Da Horror Movie (2010)
H-Town Legend: Still Gettin It In (2012)
Facebook Connection V1 (2012)
God of Horrorcore Rap (2014)
Angelz of Death (w/ M.C. Chriscore) (2016)
Street Messiah (as Brother N.I.P) (2016)
Souljaz Only (as Brother N.I.P) (2017)
Creator (Of Horrorcore) (2018)
Are We Psycho Enough For You? (w/ M.C. Chriscore) (2018)
Greatest Horrorz Vol. 1 (2019)
The Great Adventures of NIP Turner (as Brother N.I.P) (2020)
Greatest Horrorz Vol. 2 (2021)
Blood Bath (w/ RubstaR) (2023)

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