Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, KannibalistiK crashed on to the local underground scene in 2001 with it’s independent release “Blood Thirsty”. The album was well received in the Windsor/Detroit area creating strong local support and gave birth to the now classic tracks “God is Dead” and “Through My Eyes”. With the growing popularity of the internet and digital media, “Blood Thirsty” quickly infected and spread over seas, gaining fans all over Europe and the eastern side of the world. In 2002 KannibalistiK was awarded the 91.5FM CJAM award for best new local talent thanks to late night radio air play on the now defunct Psychopathic Hour radio show.

The promotional run for the album lasted two years and saw the release of two newer singles during that period, “H.A.T.E”, which was released as an online single and “Satanic Poetry” which was released on the “Formation of The Cult” compilation album. During this period KannibalistiK also worked with many aritsts including Defekt, Hospital H, Fuckfase/Sedition, J Reno, Krimmy Van Skull, Bruce B and Richy Nix among others. In 2003 KannibalistiK released the single “Bleeding For Midnight” to begin promoting the new KannibalistiK album “Blasphemy: True Words of Worship”. The single received rave reviews from the underground community due to its more aggressive style and hardened sound. The track was played regularly late-night on 91.5 FM and then KannibalistiK disappeared. Keno Kain (producer, composer and front man for KannibalistiK) moved on to play guitar in various heavy metal bands and Kannibalistik found its way to the grave…

…until 2010, almost a decade a later, KannibalistiK came back and released finally his second album “Blasphemy: True Words of Worship” in 2011. Between the years 2011-2013 he appeared with some new tracks (“Kill the Mother Fucker”, “Necrogod” & “Dying in The 21st Century”) on a few horrorcore compilations like “Mortal Gore Presents: Infest Vol. 1” (2011), “Devilz Nite 2012” and “Slaughtercore Entertainment: Season of Slaughter” (2013). In 2013 he was also featured on the Cult Status album “H.A.T.E.” and on The J. Hexx Project’s album “Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds”.


Blood Thirsty (2001)
Blasphemy: True Words of Worship (2011)


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